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Federal laws addressing human trafficking apply across the country; state laws addressing trafficking also exist, but vary in terms of definitions, penalties, and enforcement priorities.

§§1589-1590 make it illegal to knowingly provide or obtain the labor of a person by certain means, such as force or threats of force, or to traffic a person for labor or services by means of force, coercion, or fraud for the purpose of subjecting the person to slavery, involuntary servitude, debt bondage, or peonage.

Editor’s Note: While this list demonstrates the pervasiveness of rape by cis men against cis women, Everyday Feminism would like to note that sexual violence and rape culture affect trans and gender non-conforming people (as well as cis men) at an alarming rate.

Rape culture is everyone’s issue, regardless of gender.

Conceptual analysis (for example: what are the distinctive features of a desire that make it sexual desire instead of something else?

In what ways does seduction differ from nonviolent rape?

We know that at its core, our society is not something that outwardly promotes rape, as the phrase could imply.

That is, we don’t, after all, “commonly engage” in sexual violence “together as a society.” To understand rape culture better, first we need to understand that it’s not necessarily a society or group of people that outwardly promotes rape (although it could be).

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That is, they are related, on the one hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the search for and attainment of sexual pleasure or satisfaction and, on the other hand, to the human desires and activities that involve the creation of new human beings.A scan of recent legal cases involving human trafficking and online technologies provides insights regarding details about the uses of technology by traffickers. The following is based on a self-selected sample of 27 federal trafficking cases since 2009 involving the use of social networking sites or online classified advertisements to facilitate trafficking. §§ 1590-1591—produced examples illustrating the use of the Internet to facilitate trafficking.

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