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The Indo-Pakistani conflict was sparked by the armed liberation struggle that was taking place in East Pakistan between the dominant Bengalis and the multi-ethnic West Pakistanis over the issue of right to governance and the constitution.The political tensions between East Bengal and West Pakistan had its origin in the times of the creation of Pakistan as a result of the partition of India by the United Kingdom in 1947, the popular language movement in 1950, mass riots in East Bengal in 1964, and eventually massive protests in 1969 that eventually led to the resignation of President Ayub Khan who invited army chief General Yahya Khan to take over the central government.It came into existence after the independence of Pakistan in 1947.According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) it had an active force of approximately 620,000 active personnel as of 2017.Pakistani Air Force and Pakistani Navy have inducted their first female pilots and sailors in 2012 see details at Women in the Pakistan Armed Forces.Since its establishment in 1947, the Army (along with its inter–services: the Navy and the Air Force) has been involved in four wars with neighbouring India and several border skirmishes with Afghanistan.Later, however, as the war progressed, the war took on another dimension as the two sides began air operations against each other. Three missions of four aircraft each were tasked, with the first wave taking off at 1719 hours.

During the war, Indian and Pakistani militaries simultaneously clashed on the eastern and western front and ended the war after the Eastern Command of Pakistan military signed the Instrument of Surrender, on 16 December 1971 in Dhaka, marking the formation of East Pakistan as the new nation of Bangladesh.

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Since 1947, it has also maintained a strong presence along with its inter-services in the Arab states during the past Arab-Israeli Wars, and aided the coalition in the first Gulf War.

Recently, major joint-operations undertaken by the Army include Operation Zarb-e-Azb, Operation Toar-e-Tander (Black Thunderstorm) and Operation Rah-e-Nijat (Path to Salvation).

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